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Michael Brugman is a criminal defence lawyer based in Geelong, Victoria.  He has been involved in some of the state’s most high profile and complex cases and is an expert in criminal law.

Having practised criminal law for 30 years, Michael Brugman has skill, experience and an unrivalled depth of knowledge in all matters pertaining to criminal law.

Throughout his career he has appeared as a Barrister and an advocate before juries, judges and magistrates and passionately defended his clients. He has appeared regularly in wig and gown in the County Court of Victoria and also in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Arts, which he completed at Monash University in 1985. He worked as a sole practitioner in criminal law in 1986 and 1987 and then as a Community Lawyer at North Melbourne Legal Service.

He signed the Victorian Bar Roll in 1989 and practised as a Barrister for ten years. He returned to Geelong from the Northern Territory in 1999 and became the Senior Criminal Lawyer at the Victoria Legal Aid Office in Geelong. He opened his own practice in October 2001.

In 1997 and 1998 the practice of criminal law took Michael to the bush courts of the Northern Territory in Alice Springs and surrounding bush courts. During this time he worked at the Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service as an advocate appearing in trials and Appeals in the Supreme Court and also the Magistrates and Childrens Courts. There was mandatory sentencing for property offences in the Northern Territory at that time. This meant mandatory jail for a first offence.

Michael is admitted to practice in the High Court of Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

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